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Summer Safety Month

June is Summer Safety Month! We wanted to take this opportunity to raise awareness of the dangers of heat-related illnesses that could occur if precautionary steps are not followed. We advise everyone to stay hydrated and follow simple heat protection steps so that you may remain healthy.

National Migraine & Headache Month

National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month is observed in June to recognize those in the headache and migraine communities who work to recognize headache disorder as a neurobiological disease.  Migraines impact forty million Americans, and one billion people around the world. Raising awareness of National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month encourages people with chronic headaches […]

Stress Awareness Month

stress awareness month

No matter the age, ethnicity, social economic status, Stress has a way of touching the lives of everyone. No one is immune. What is different for everyone is how stress presents itself & how each individual chooses to deal & ultimately eliminate stress. April is Stress Awareness Month, and it is absolutely crucial for everyone […]

Autism Awareness Month

Autism Awareness Month

All month long for the month of April, we celebrate Autism Awareness Month. This month is meant to focus on sharing stories and providing opportunities to increase understanding and acceptance of people with Autism. Autism or ASD affects 1 in 68 children and often presents itself differently in each person is all creeds, all religions, […]

Move More Month

Move More Month

The physical, mental and emotional effects of moving ones body has been proven time and time again. Doctors and nurses always recommend some form of movement after any procedure & most certainly in our daily lives. April is Move More Month, this is your friendly reminder to move your body. Started by the American Heart […]

National Vitamin C Day

National Vitamin C Day

Orange you glad we’re here?!?! Today we celebrate National vitamin C Day. Started in 2019 by skincare line SkinCeuticals, it was a way to highlight their new product but also to highlight the countless ways Vitamin C affects our bodies in a positive manner. National Vitamin C Day is dedicated to the science & power […]

National Doctors’ Day

National Doctors' Day

Today is National Doctors’ Day and we want to celebrate every physician that makes the choice to put their patients first. Becoming a doctor in any medical field is no easy feat by any means. It is intense and requires a great deal of time, knowledge, experience, dedication, and compassion. 1st celebrated on March 30th, […]

Brain Injury Month

Brain injuries are fall-related damage to the brain through impact to the head or penetration of sharp objects. National Brain Injury Awareness Month raises awareness of the significant cause of brain injuries and eliminates the stigma for those with brain injuries.  There are two types of brain injuries; Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) and Traumatic Brain […]

Patient Safety Awareness Week

Patient safety is a public health concern, as everyone interacts with the health care system. Every detail matters when it comes to providing the highest quality care that is safe and error-free. Patient Safety Awareness Week aims to acknowledge the steps needed to improve patient safety while recognizing the work already being done to protect […]

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is celebrated annually on March 8th. It is a global holiday that celebrates the many achievements and contributions women have made. It is also a call to action for gender inequality within our society. Today we celebrate the many women who helped and continue to break down barriers to end gender bias […]