Resort Nursing Home


Certified Physician Staff

Our board certified physician staff visit our residents regularly and are on-call 24 hours a day. In addition, our staff of consultant physicians who specialize in meeting particular medical needs, are readily available. The staff is always available to answer questions or address concerns.

Rehabilitative and Restorative Therapy

We provide a full range of rehabilitative and restorative services in our expanded and high-tech therapy department. Our Rehab team, including Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapists, work individually with each resident to return our patients to their optimal level of activity and movement as quickly as possible. Through our seven day therapy program our residents receive aggressive rehab to facilitate a full and quick recovery.

Comprehensive Social Services

We realize that nursing home placement is traumatic both for new residents and their loved ones. Therefore, our Social Service Department is dedicated to helping residents and their families adjust to this change in lifestyle. Our social services staff along with our inter-disciplinary team continues its support throughout the residents stay and assist in discharge planning.

Full Ventilator Services

We offer full ventilator services to our residents, including 24-hour seven days a week respiratory therapy services. Our aggressive weaning program has proven successful time and time again. Long-term ventilator patients receive ample attention to their needs and participate in many programs.

Discharge Planning

Discharge planning is individualized to the needs of each resident. For some we can arrange a safe plan to return back home, with care when needed. For others, an arrangement to Assisted Living Housing or an Adult Home Residence is appropriate. In other situations a long-term stay at our facility is planned. We are highly skilled at identifying and obtaining appropriate resources, as needed.

AdditionalServices Offered
Ageing is a process of self discovery...we merely help you!

At Resort Nursing Home, we treat the whole patient. Our care ‘touch points’ cover many disciplines and specialties. Several of these are highlighted below.

Complex Medical Management
Caring is our way of Life
Caring is our way of Life
Caring is our way of Life

Our Specialty Programs

Vent / Trach Unit

Our dedicated Ventilator Care Unit, staffed 24/7 by Licensed Respiratory Therapists, helps our compromised patients live in comfort and with dignity.

Russian Cultural Program

Russian Cultural

We offer a robust cultural program for our Russian speaking population. This includes specially prepared meals, and dedicated recreational programs.


Bariatric Unit

We have a full service bariatric program which allows us to accept patients requiring additional assistance with transferring and mobility.